Evaluate Your Internship to Learn if This is the Right Career for you.


Internships are an essential part of the college experience, providing you the opportunity to test-drive a career field, make contacts, build marketable skills and figure out your likes and dislikes within specific industries. Now that you are a week or two into your internship, have learned your co-workers names, where the printers, conference rooms and best cafés are, it’s time to think about how you are going to evaluate the experience to learn if this is the right career for you.

When clients intern I check in with them periodically to learn about their experiences. In the beginning to make certain they are settling into the workplace and routine, mid-way to ensure they are making the most of the opportunity, and then at the end to help answer— is this the right career for me. Together we explore and evaluate:

  • Relevancy of the internship
  • Skills optimized and new skills acquired
  • Understanding the potential career path
  • Defining meaningful and purposeful work
  • What to look for in an organization’s culture
  • Work style and work/life balance

Download the Internship Evaluation Worksheet_More Than A Resume

How is your internship going? More Than A Resumé, for LookSharp asks college students to share their experiences and advice on making the most of an internship. Interested in sharing your experience email info@morethanaresume.com


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