Parents turn to More Than A Resumé because there are few specialized resources to help young adults move from college to career. Most students rely on the college career center. In reality, most of these centers are ill-equipped to work with rapidly evolving work roles, are often underfunded and understaffed, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, and can’t provide the one-on-one coaching many students need.

While your young adult learned very specialized knowledge in a chosen major, for most people a major is not a career. A new professional needs to understand how college education and experience have combined to help grow and develop personal skills and abilities, and how these talents point toward a best-fit career.

Jane helps current college students and recent graduates transition from the college major mindset to the young professional mode.

Ideally, college graduates need an exit strategy to manage the complete college experience and transition to a career. An exit strategy teaches current college students how to reframe their ongoing college experience with their professional future in mind. Most students can’t think this way without help. If you are the parent of a currently enrolled college student, read Map Out A Strategy That Helps You Manage Your College Career. Jane can help your student begin learning how to get, and succeed at, a job—before graduation.

When a new professional can identify their own relevant and marketable talents and succinctly convey their worth to a specific company, they will get noticed. And hired.

Jane teaches new professionals to:

  • Understand their innate abilities and motivation.
  • Find the industries and fields that will value and utilize their talents.
  • Research organizations and jobs for culture and fit.
  • Match abilities and interests with careers and employers.
  • Verbalize their value in interviews.
  • Use the best practices in tactical job-search skills.

Jane provides opportunities to practice job-search skills, followed by straight-forward, objective feedback. She educates new professionals on job-search expectations and unacceptable behavior. She keeps clients motivated, and stays with them throughout the job-search process and beyond.

To learn more about career-launch coaching visit the Coaching Program page.

There is a way you can help: You and your child can benefit from a coach. You and your child don’t have to go it alone.

*Read College Exit Strategy: Parents Need to Worry As Much About Getting Their Children Out of College As Getting In, a report based on a national research study authorized by More Than a Resumé and conducted by nationally recognized Bauman Research & Consulting in Glen Rock, NJ, and Emotional Reason, an insights-to-strategy consultancy in Chicago, IL.