Launching a career requires More Than A Resumé
* Career-launch Coach Jane Horowitz will help you know and understand yourself for a successful job search. Because employers hire new professionals for attitude, and then train for skills.

Why More Than A Resumé?

More Than A Resumé provides new professionals with more than job-search tactics.

New professionals learn:

  • How to understand and share personal skills and strengths.
  • How to identify and connect with best-fit career and employers.
  • How being true-to-self is key for a successful and satisfying career.
  • How following innate abilities and behaviors leads to a satisfying first job, and development of professional passion.

Plus, Career-launch Coach Jane Horowitz champions new professionals, mentoring for self-confidence and belief in their abilities.

“You don’t have to change who you are to fit an employer: Be MORE of who you are,” Jane advises. “Follow your innate abilities, let prospective employers really see who you are, and you will find the position and the organizational culture that is a good place for you. Realize that employers hire new graduates for attitude and perceived fit in the corporate culture, and then train them for skills.”

Working with More Than A Resumé means launching your career:

  • Over 90% of Jane’s clients land jobs within 3-to-4 months.
  • A year after hire, 98% of new professionals remain with their first, best-fit organizations: They are developing their careers.

Collaboration with Jane makes a measurable
and lasting difference in recent graduates’ lives.

Getting a new career on-track takes less time when you know who you are and where you will be successful.