A Changing Workplace Demands New Skills if You Want to Succeed.


Today’s college students and those of you about to enter college, will reshape the workplace over the next decade by both your attitude and use of new technologies. The way you communicate in your social lives has already been introduced into the workplace, and transformed it by fostering new ways of sharing ideas and collaborating to achieve out-comes. And as a generation, that is the most open to diversity and change of any generation and because technology will enable it, we will finally realize a truly globally connected world.

It’s not just the workplace that is changing. It’s also the employees themselves. Baby Boomers are remaining in the workforce longer than the generation before them. People from diverse cultures working from their countries are fully integrated. And companies are adapting to new ways to utilize previously unused segments of the workforce.

In order to thrive in the workplace of the future, you need a strong work ethic, and be:

  • Adaptable to environments, working styles and thinking.
  •  Digitally literate.
  • Able to use the latest social technologies.
  •  Multi-disciplined.
  • Able to understand and use insight from Big Data.
  • Open to people of all cultures, because the workforce increasingly multi-cultural, age diverse and global.
  • Possess communication and listening skills.
  • Curious and know how to direct your learning.
  • Critical and creative thinkers.
  • Focused on creating community.

These skills are not specific to any major. Challenge yourself to think about the courses you take in terms of the skills you will learn. And then challenge your professors to help you develop these skills.

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