You Won’t Get a Job Offer When You’re Not Heard or Understood and Other Telephone Interview Tips

Phone interviewing is unique. You can’t count on visual stimuli such as your good looks or power suits, eye contact or body language, to aid your presentation. Neither can you rely on visual signals to interpret the interviewer’s response. In this context, faceless conversation takes on an added dimension of importance. Both strengths and weakness, […]



Success is an Iceberg.

In Your Job Search Reveal What Is Below the Surface. I was thinking about icebergs the other day. Perhaps because it was over 90, I had just completed 20,000 steps and would have killed for an Italian ice (which would have defeated the purpose of walking those 20,000 steps.) Italian ice became snow cone that […]



Buzzwords or Keywords? You Decide.

Here’s the headline from an article in Fast Company featuring Catherine Fisher, senior director of corporate communications for LinkedIn, The 10 Words You Should Never Use In Your LinkedIn Profile. Sure, you may be motivated, passionate, and creative, but these buzzwords just make you sound like everyone else. Ms. Fisher lists the LinkedIn Top Ten […]


close the loop

You Got The Job. Before You Start, Close The Job Search Loop

You sent off your cover letters and resumé and completed the required online applications. You conducted informational interviews, talked to people in your career field who connected you to other professionals in the field. You interviewed, worked through case studies, presented your recommendations, participated in more interviews, and finally after all your hard work you […]

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