The first professional job is a milestone, an indicator of successful transition to adulthood. College is the bridge that takes us there, but—even though it’s away from home—it’s a place of limited decision-making: classes, majors, living situations, and even meals come with parameters.

The world outside of college is BIG. Wide open. Full of choices. Leaving you wondering where you fit in.

The key to alleviating post-college anxiety is knowing yourself well. When you really know yourself—your abilities, your strengths, your preferences—you can make the pivotal decisions that will lead you forward on your own successful career path. Knowing yourself ensures that your job-search choices land you in an organization where you feel engaged, fulfilled and productive.

You don’t have to figure it out on your own.

Jane Horowitz, founder of More Than A Resumé is your personal career-launch coach. She will get to know you thoroughly, through a series of conversations and behavioral assessments. In the process, Jane will help you really know yourself.

“When an employer says, ‘Tell me about yourself,’ you will have a ready answer after my personalized coaching,” Jane says. “Your personal statement speaks volumes about you. This is your opportunity to tell who you are and what value you offer an employer. You may be one of many recent graduates, but you are unique in your abilities and behaviors. I can teach you how to best tell your story—in an interview, on your resumé, on LinkedIn and your social networking sites. I will help you deeply know and believe in yourself.”

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Jane is different from most career coaches: She becomes your champion, leading you to personal illumination and self-confidence.