In Your First Professional Job

You Can Have a Meltdown or Learn to Manage Your Transition Dara started her job with a consulting firm within a month of graduation. Excited she dove into the work. Her first engagement required the team to be on the ground at the client’s office on Mondays by 9:00 am. Dara and the team worked […]



Buzzwords or Keywords? You Decide.

Here’s the headline from an article in Fast Company featuring Catherine Fisher, senior director of corporate communications for LinkedIn, The 10 Words You Should Never Use In Your LinkedIn Profile. Sure, you may be motivated, passionate, and creative, but these buzzwords just make you sound like everyone else. Ms. Fisher lists the LinkedIn Top Ten […]


close the loop

You Got The Job. Before You Start, Close The Job Search Loop

You sent off your cover letters and resumé and completed the required online applications. You conducted informational interviews, talked to people in your career field who connected you to other professionals in the field. You interviewed, worked through case studies, presented your recommendations, participated in more interviews, and finally after all your hard work you […]

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