You Moved Back Home After Graduation. Oh, no you didn’t.

moving home

Except for the remaining colleges on the trimester system graduation weekend has come and gone. You’ve said good-bye to friends and college life, with parents packed up your apartment and for many headed back to your homes. WHAT? You moved back home.

Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself it’s the summer, you need a break. You think you get a summer break. No, you don’t.

You say, mom is happy to have you home and look after you. Your mom is not happy about picking up after you, doing your laundry, cooking your food. You’ve been doing those things for yourself in college. You know how.

You’re saving money to get apartment. You don’t get to have your own apartment for a few more years. You lived with a bunch of roommates for the past several years, sharing a kitchen and bathroom—you can do it again. Call your friends, go on craigslist. Whatever it takes, get out of your parent’s home.

Get a job—it doesn’t have to be your dream job. Any job that gives you a paycheck, okay not the one where you work for your dad or uncle. You need a job to get you into the routine of work, paying your own bills, reporting to a boss who doesn’t think you are great. You get experience and it helps you understand what’s important to you, what you want and don’t want in a job and a company.

Still not convinced.

When you move back in with your parents, you give them permission to say, “I think you should do this,” or  “You would be so good at…'” or “Remember my bosses kid, well he’s working at…” You don’t get to roll your eyes or have a tantrum. You are the one who added the layer of tension that neither you nor your parents need or want.

You have college debt to pay off. Typically, you have six months before you start paying off the loan and with most, 10-25 years to pay it off. Getting a job and living with friends teaches you financial discipline. A valuable lifelong lesson.

Tough love advice: Do not live with your parents after college. Get on with YOUR life


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