Know yourself* and be yourself…
To meet your best first employer.

* Career-launch Coach Jane Horowitz will help you know and understand yourself for a successful job search or post-graduate program.  Because people hire people they like and know, and then train for skills.

Why More Than A Resumé?

More Than A Resumé provides students and new professionals with more than job-search tactics.

“You don’t have to change who you are to fit an employer: Be MORE of who you are,” Jane advises. “Follow your innate abilities, let people really see who you are, and you will find the position and the organizational culture that is a good place for you. Realize that employers hire new graduates for attitude and perceived fit in the corporate culture, and then train them for skills.”

Working with More Than A Resumé means launching your career:

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Companies employing
More Than A Resumé Clients

More Than A Resumé clients find career and opportunities in companies and graduate programs that align with the student’s values and interests.

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Business Sectors

More Than A Resumé clients have launched their careers in consulting, banking, advertising, engineering, entertainment and more, and received acceptances to medical school, law school, MBA programs and PhD programs.


Remain with their first employer

More Than A Resumé clients find the position and culture that are a best-fit for them.

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Different majors and fields of study

More Than A Resumé works with students from engineering to fine arts, biology to communication arts and from computer design to finance.


of Jane’s clients
land jobs within 3-to-4 months

Launching a career takes less time when you know who you are and where you will be successful.

Collaboration with Jane makes a measurable and lasting difference
in recent graduates’ lives.

Students, new professionals and parents choose More Than A Resumé

More Than A Resumé provides new professionals with more than job-search tactics.

New professionals and post-grad applicants learn:

  • How to understand and share personal skills and strengths.
  • How to identify and connect with best-fit career and employers.
  • How being true-to-self is key for a successful and satisfying career.
  • How following innate abilities and behaviors leads to a satisfying first job, and development of professional passion.
  • How to tell their stories in the language employers use.

Plus, Career-launch Coach Jane Horowitz champions new professionals, mentoring for self-confidence and belief in their abilities.

What Parents Say

“Job seekers don’t get second changes. Jane made sure my son made the most of every opportunity he had. I am 100% certain he went into every interview prepared and confident as a result of his careful preparation with Jane.”

Phil M.

“Our daughter worked with More Than A Resumé in her initial job search. When she decided to apply to law school, Jane was the person she turned to for guidance on her personal statement and other essays. In one of the acceptance letters, the dean wrote, ‘…this was the best personal statement I’ve read from this year’s applicants.”

Marcy N.

“Although our son was doing many of the right things in his job search, he was having difficulty closing the deal. He was feeling defeated. Jane’s coaching built up his confidence, coached him to improve his interviewing skills, kept him motivated and when he found the right opportunity, helped him negotiate the offer.”

Bruce S.

Take an important step—take control of your job search and career.

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